Center for Schools and Communities

The Center for Schools and Communities is responsible for maintaining this English Language Development (ELD) web portal, coordinating professional learning opportunities, processing Act 48 for PDE and CSC ELD events, and providing technical assistance to educators across the Commonwealth. If you have questions, please contact:

For general questions or to request assistance with ELD programs, contact our ELD Team at

The ELD Team at the Center for Schools and Communities:

Andrea G. Kolb, Ph.D.
Statewide Multilingual Education Program Manager
(717) 763-1661 ext. 198 or (717) 678-2475,
Alison Kreitzer, Ph.D.
English Language Development Professional Learning Project Lead
(717) 763-1661 ext. 121,
Rachel Breneman
Administrative Assistant
(717) 763-1661, ext. 103,

275 Grandview Avenue, Suite 200
Camp Hill, PA 17011

Our Partners at the Pennsylvania Department of Education:

ELD content advisors at the Pennsylvania Department of Education are available to answer questions regarding federal and state policies and procedures and provide technical assistance concerning English Language Development program area. Please contact:
Robert Measel
Title III Director and Bilingual Education Advisor
Julia Hutton
Bilingual Education Advisor

Bureau of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction
Division of Instructional Quality
333 Market Street 3rd Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17126