A multi-ethnic group of students are learning the places of the world by looking at a globe


cover District English Language Learner Administrator and Coordinator

District ELL Administrator/Coordinator Handbook

This guide outlines the relevant information necessary for you to fulfill your responsibilities as the district EL coordinator or administrator.

cover Supporting English Learners’ Success A Practical Guide for Sch

Supporting English Learners’ Success: A Practical Guide for School Administrators

This guidebook provides helpful information and fillable checklists as a practical guide for school administrators.

sample of a growth chart

Growth Percentile Charts

The growth percentile charts on the LIEP page of the PDE EL website display growth by percentile for all ELs in Pennsylvania. Each grade or grade band document contains charts for each of the individual language domains and composites (listening, speaking, reading, writing, oral language, literacy, and overall composite). This information can be used to compare individual ELs or groups of ELs to their peers across the Commonwealth for the purposes of either individual growth evaluation or overall program evaluation. For more information about the analysis of data for ELs and setting individual and program improvement targets, please review our asynchronous tutorials.

Dear Colleague Letter, January 7, 2015

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